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The Advantages Direct Mail Brings in a Digital World

While digital marketing seems to have taken over media campaigns, this does NOT mean that physical marketing strategies are no longer effective. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Direct mail gives businesses the opportunity to reach niche demographics or residents in specific areas that social media or Google Ads may not be able to target effectively. And a well-planned direct mail campaign is more likely to reach or exceed an average response rate of 5% (to prospects) and 9% (to your customers’ list).

Here are some advantages that direct mail can bring to your business.

It Has Impressive Targeting Capabilities

Direct mail was the gateway for geotargeting online. Direct mailers give businesses the opportunity to easily target individuals based on key demographics such as age, average household net worth, home values, household income, number of children, renter/owner status, or type of dwelling (single or multi-family). You can also compile saturation mail lists that target residents of a specific area code.

It’s Easy to Use

Direct mailers are much simpler than most other mediums available for marketing—and cheaper, too. There’s less to learn, comprehend and include to run a strong campaign. Just approve a message and design for your mailer and use a service to compile a mail list that targets your specific demographic based on the response you want to receive. Then, just sit back and wait for the leads to come your way.  

There’s Less Competition in the Mailbox

Hundreds of companies use digital marketing to gain attention, bringing increased competition on every platform. With direct mailers, there’s much less competition in the mailbox in 2022. And it’s harder to avoid engaging with physical mail than it is with an email, which can easily end up in a spam filter or get lost in an inbox.

It Pairs Well with Digital Marketing

You can utilize many different marketing strategies, such as mailers, emails, and social media ads, to create a multichannel marketing strategy. You can also direct potential customers to reach you online by including social media handles, QR codes, and offers in your direct mailers.           

It Builds Strong Brand Loyalty and Recall

Many people perceive physical mailers to be more trustworthy than online ads. Physically interacting with a brand increases legitimacy, trust, and recognition of your logo, brand, and services.

There’s a Tactical Value to Physical Mail

Physical media brings about a more emotional response than digital media and can improve the user’s recall, creating a more memorable experience. According to writer and researcher Roger Dooley, direct mail is “easier to process mentally” and uses “21% less cognitive effort” than digital advertising. Items read on a screen are more likely to be easily forgotten than information gathered from physical contact.

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