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Making Reels Work for You

Are you using Reels to promote your real estate business? You should be! They’re a super-easy way to make your marketing one louder.

Reels are short, looping video clips on Instagram. They are 15 to 60 seconds long and can include captions, music, and creative editing. Similar to TikTok, most content is unpolished, humorous, and off-the-cuff, making it more authentic to viewers.

Ready to learn more? Here are three ways to use Reels to your best advantage.

The Viral Trend

Don’t worry, we’re not about to ask you to learn the latest dance trend, but you should hop on the bandwagon for trending audio and music.

Trending music is the easiest way to hop on a trend. Simply line up property videos or photos with a trending song, and BAM! The algorithm is sharing your content to a much larger audience than if you used original audio.

Using trending content not only expands your reach, it also creates social proof and credibility among your followers.

The Educational Series

For most agents, this is the easiest bucket. Think about questions you keep hearing from your buyers and sellers. A hot topic from this year is: What do you do in a hot seller’s market if you need to turn around and buy a house?

You’ve got a great answer, right? This is the start of your Educational Series! Simply record yourself answering a common question or providing a solution to a tricky problem.

What’s so powerful about these short educational videos is that they raise even MORE questions, resulting in a great way to engage your audience and start a conversation.

The Mayoral Campaign

We can’t take credit for this catchy title, we can thank Gary V for that, but the strategy is clear: Become the mayor of your market! Think about the questions a buyer might have when relocating to your area. What are the best schools? What are the hottest restaurants, shops or activities?

Showing you have your finger on the pulse on what’s happening in your area helps establish credibility and trust. Bonus points: Tag and collab with your favorite spots for further reach.

And remember: Done is better than perfect.

That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have a high standard for the content you’re putting out, but we often find many agents become paralyzed by perfectionism when it comes to social media. One beautiful thing the pandemic gave us was a shift in what the consumer wants. They’re looking for authentic, genuine connections—even online.

This means you need to get comfortable with showing up authentically as yourself each time you post online. If that means you said a few too many ums or have wrinkle in your shirt, so be it!

Need help putting all the strategies in place to work social media to your best advantage? Reach out and let’s chat!


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