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MarketingIt’s halfway through the year, have you met your goals?

It’s halfway through the year, have you met your goals?

This is a busy time of year in real estate to be thinking about analyzing and reshaping your marketing plan. But, if you’re behind on your 2021 projected goals, you might want to give it a bit of time and energy.

You really need to be marketing like it’s a buyer’s market if you want to stand out to get listings and buyer contracts.

Referrals are great, but if your overall image marketing isn’t set to eleven, prospects will bounce and find an agent who is ticking all the boxes and their online presence shows it.

Below are 11 things to think about at the halfway mark of the year.

1. Are you consistently posting on social media?

Photos of your dinner last night and dog are great, but in small doses. Make sure you’re providing value to your audience.

2. Is your website working the way it should?

Remember, consumers are used to the Zillow experience. Anything less is a missed opportunity.

3. Are you keeping up with your direct mail?

Direct mail still works, so what better way to reach people in your farm. And the message, look and feel must be on-brand.

4. Are you taking advantage of e-mail marketing?

This is a cost-effective and easy way to keep in contact with your database. Out of sight, out of mind. Remember, everyone has a friend or relative who sells real estate.

5. Is your listing/buyer presentation telling the right story?

A presentation deck that doesn’t paint the whole picture of what you can do for buyers and sellers in a well-written, on-brand deck is a quick way to lose an opportunity. Your presentation represents how you will do business for your client.

6. Do you have an effective paid digital marketing plan?

It doesn’t take a lot of money to increase your exposure and the exposure of your sellers’ properties online. Spend some of that sweet GCI on your listings.

7. Is your Google My Business page 100% set up?

Google reviews are extremely important in today’s market. If your GMB page isn’t up to snuff, people are less likely to leave a review, even if they’ve had a good experience. And you need those reviews for referrals who are checking up on you before calling.

8. Is your CRM up to date?

Are you using a Customer Relationship Management process that is current with all contacts? Have you set up auto-reply and drip marketing triggers for new contacts? You’re busy right now, so take advantage of technology.

9. Are your open house materials as good as they can be?

It’s a seller’s market and houses are moving fast, but you still need to prove to your sellers that you’re doing what you say you will do. Make sure your listing/open house flyers are clean, well designed and on-brand.

10. Are you getting all the digital assets available to market your properties?

Again, it’s a seller’s market, but you should market like it’s a buyer’s market. Always get photos, virtual tours, video and drone photography. The biggest benefit to doing this in ANY market is when you meet with your next prospective seller, you can show them how you take your property promotion to the next level.

11. Are you working with a marketing company?

C’mon, did you really think we wouldn’t throw out a little plug for business? A marketing company can take a lot off your plate right now and give you more time to prospect, follow up, close deals, sell houses, and make some bank. Call us today!

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