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Business Planning for 2022

Put this at the very top of your to-do list: Create your 2022 business plan.

You’ve heard it before, make a business plan well before the first of the year, yet many of us still fail to start planning until January or February.

Why is this so much easier said than done? It’s easy to convince ourselves that we still have plenty of time, or we can tackle the project after returning from winter vacations. But if you wait to start until after the new year, you could miss out on a whole quarter of sales. A typical sales cycle in real estate is 90 to 120 days, meaning if you wait until January, you could be missing having a plan in place for crucial spring sales.

Business planning doesn’t need to be stressful or terribly time consuming. Here are a few tips on how to start your 2022 real estate business planning TODAY.

Schedule an Off-Site Meeting

When you’re working ON your business rather than IN your business, you’ll probably find that you’re more productive away from the office. You aren’t tempted by the distractions of office life, and it’s easier to stay focused on the task at hand. Find a place that inspires you and your team to think big.

Determine Your Goals

Setting goals for the upcoming year is the first step toward growing your business, and it will establish your action plan. Download our Real Estate Goal Setting Guide to help you get started.

Download our Goal Setting Guide 👇 👇 👇

    Write Out Your Action Plan

    After you established your goals, the next step is to develop the roadmap to achieving them. If your goals are the WHY, this is HOW. A good thing to remember is: keep things simple. Try to trim your action plan down to one page to ensure that your goals stay attainable. If you reach your first goals early in the year, you can always challenge yourself and add more.

    Assemble Your Team

    Now is the time to evaluate what is worth your time and what you should outsource. Sure, you can have your assistant manage your social media or develop a direct mail campaign, but is that the best use of their time and talents? Or maybe you’re a solo agent looking to bring on additional help so you can take on more clients and sell more homes. Whatever your pain points are, be sure to nail down who is doing what and outsource where needed.

    Track Your Progress Be critical of your progress by asking yourself and your team what’s working and what isn’t. Expanding on what works and letting go of what doesn’t will ensure that you and your team are going down a path that’s supporting your goals and setting you up for a full year of success.


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