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7 Ways to Create Powerful Content for Your Niche Business

Sometimes an industry has such excitement and appeal that it almost markets itself. But what about less glamorous, niche industries? Or those that don’t bring as much organic search traffic? Some industries are limited by topic, audience size, the steep cost of advertising, or other factors that require extra creativity in their marketing strategy.

Here are 7 ways to improve your content marketing strategy and identify new, creative ways of building successful content in a niche industry.

1. Perform Keyword Research and a Content Gap Analysis

Businesses in niche industries face the challenge of targeting keywords with small search volume within a very competitive arena. But using tactics such as implementing more long-tail keywords and performing acontent gap analysis (to find “gaps” in your content) can help win SEO gains for highly specific keywords. This strategy allows you to oversee the creation of valuable content that addresses the needs of your audience and gets attention from search engines, too.

2. Research and Create Content Based on Related Topics

Related topics are often questions that your audience may be asking—beyond those directly related to your offering. It’s an opportunity to get eyes on your content from those who may not have otherwise found you with a direct keyword search.

3. Repurpose Existing Content in Every Way Possible

Do you have a brilliant idea for a blog? Chances are, it could also make an impactful video, infographic or social post. Repurposing content into other formats is one of the most effective content marketing practices because it leverages the great ideas you already have into new formats that perform on other channels including direct mail, email blasts, monthly newsletters, infographics, podcasts, social media campaigns, videos, and webinars.

4. Focus on Data and Customer Insights

One process to build a sophisticated content marketing strategy starts with analyzing data powered by audience-centric content. Rather than creating content around general keywords, try focusing on bringing data insights in the form of compelling content that’s useful to the customer.

5. Work with Great Storytellers

The best stories often come from going outside your marketing team and talking to other people at your company. You’ll get a wider range of topics, stories and trends that speak to the heart of your industry. And that will put you one step closer into the mind of your target audience to build valuable content they can’t find anywhere else.

6. Go from Centralized and Broad to Local

To find winning content ideas, develop a broad content marketing strategy first and then double down on local trends. A centralized content strategy with both broad and locally focused content topics can keep your audience engaged with the topics that impact them the most.

7. Be an Educational Resource

Be sure to deliver highly educational content to projected clients of your niche. You can capitalize on the novelty of your industry and embrace the rare opportunity to be the first at introducing most topic ideas and trends.

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