11 Ideas to Amp Up Your Real Estate Marketing

It’s more important than ever for Realtors to be on social media. It’s been proven to generate leads, drive engagement on listings, and increase overall visibility. But what kind of content should you post to get the engagement you’re looking for? Here are eleven content ideas to amp up your feed:

1. Virtual Open Houses

Instead of traditional open houses, which might attract 6 to 10 visitors to a property, host a live open house on all your social media platforms. The content will engage those who watch it live, and it will still be around for others to view later.

2. Exclusive Videos

People love knowing that they’re part of something exclusive. Offer your audience a first look at a property that’s scheduled for listing, and offer to send early listing information to anyone interested in the home to drive your engagement higher.

3. “Can You Help Me?” Video

If you’ve got a buyer who can’t find the right home, engage your network to see if anyone in your audience is considering selling a house that fits the requirements. You may find a house that will suit your buyers, and you may find that the seller of the house becomes a client as well.

4. “How We Helped Our Clients” Posts

Share the story of a client with specific needs and explain how you helped them find the perfect house. “When I know a buyer wants to be in a certain neighborhood, I contact as many owners as possible in that neighborhood to find out if they know of anyone interested in selling.” It’s a soft brag but an important way to show your audience how hard you work for your clients.

5. Just-Listed Posts

These posts allow you to drive your audience to a capture page where they can see new listings and confirm that you’re doing business. Give them a chance to opt-in to future posts as well.

6. Before-and-After Posts

Take photos or videos of a house before and after landscapers work on the yard or before and after renovations or new paint. Explain that you’re getting the house ready to sell and allow your audience to see the results of the work.

7. “Check This Out” Posts

Share something unusual or memorable with your audience, like an exceptional view or a spectacular kitchen. Invite the audience to contact you if they’d like more details about the house you’re featuring.

8. “Apps I Love in Real Estate” Videos

Reveal your favorite app to your audience. Whether it’s Grammarly because you don’t want to misspell words or a video app that helps you produce quality content, share what you’re using with your audience.

9. Your Favorite Restaurant

People are buying the lifestyle associated with your community, so share your favorite restaurant, and include a picture of your meal. Tag the restaurant in your post and the business owners may post it on their own accounts, which will earn you exposure to their followers.

10. Thank a Service Provider

Thank someone who gave you exceptional service, like a local air conditioning company that showed up quickly to make a repair in the heat of summer.

11. Share a Hero

Tell the story of someone you know who has done something special, like the leader of a local nonprofit or someone who serves your community well. Honor the people in your community who deserve recognition and share some positivity in the world.

Are you ready to stop worrying that you’re not doing enough on social media? We have a proven process to turn up the volume on your social media marketing and help take your business to Eleven.



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