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BrandingThe Real Cost of Marketing Isn’t What You Think

The Real Cost of Marketing Isn’t What You Think

Whether you’re thinking of doing a little marketing DIY or hiring a professional, the REAL cost of marketing your business is less about what you spend and more about what you’re missing out on if you don’t maximize your efforts to reach the right audience, with the right information, at the right time.

A good marketing plan identifies your target audience, uses the most effective channels to engage with them, and analyzes the results to guide future strategy. Without the right plan in place, your business could be missing out on key engagements that the competition will be only too happy to swoop in and scoop up.

Without a cohesive strategy, your business is far more likely to:

• Define the wrong size target audience—too wide a net is wasteful, too small is limiting

• Not have a consistent brand identity across all your marketing efforts including your logo, website, direct mail, and social media profiles

• Waste time and money with unsuccessful strategies that can’t be analyzed and quantified

• Miss out on key opportunities to connect with your audience where they are

• Waste time and effort with programs and platforms for creating and distributing your digital marketing (Google AdWords Manager, Facebook Ad Manager, WordPress, Constant Contact, Adobe Creative Suite) without knowing which platform to use for which strategy

The real cost of marketing is taking a chance on an ineffective, outdated approach and losing out on engaging with a market that’s ready to hear your message. If you want to boost your brand and crush the competition, we have a proven process to turn up the volume on your marketing and help take your business to Eleven.


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