Design and Marketing Services_

We are a full-service marketing company built on a combination of kick a$$ creativity with a foundation of data-driven strategies to amp up your marketing and take your business to Eleven.

At Eleven, we develop digital marketing strategies and marketing campaigns, create brand guidelines, shoot high-quality photo and video, design websites, create dynamic posts for social media, and capture more leads to make you more money.

We help bring your vision to life by crafting a brand identity that fits your market and lays a foundation from which your business can grow. We work with you to fine-tune how you want your audience to perceive your services, and we’ll craft a set of guiding principles to reinforce your brand’s message.

Want to make a mark, but don’t know where to start? We guide you with comprehensive strategic marketing planning. We take your goals and apply our skills and software to develop specific, coordinating campaigns to appeal to your target demographics and resonate with your audience.

We get more eyes on your brand and build your audience. We develop a strategy that covers who you want to target, what your ads will look and read like, and what specific type of ads you want to run. We tailor campaigns to attract and resonate with your target audience, turning them into followers, clients and ultimately fans.

Do you know what your competition is doing? We do. Any good digital marketing strategy starts with understanding the competition. Our competitive analysis shows your overall online visibility compared to your competition. We provide you with a playlist of tactics to compete as we measure how your efforts are performing against your competitors.

We use social media to captivate your current audience and attract new followers. We dig deep into your social media pages’ performance, analyze what is and isn’t working, and provide content and posting strategies that will increase engagement and build your audience. We keep your social accounts consistent and effective by posting for you, and we work together to ensure that you have a variety of timely content to keep your audience invested and up to date.

From team headshots to drone photography and everything in between, our team of experienced photographers knows how to capture the right image that’s tuned into your brand.

We show off your brand with captivating videos that educate your audience. Our video team works with you to identify the areas of your business that will showcase best.

Your design elements are the first thing your audience sees. Our designers develop outstanding creative to reinforce your brand recognition and make a tangible impression on your audience.

Our writers craft compelling stories to captivate your clients and build the overall narrative of your brand. From SEO-rich web copy and social captions to in-depth industry blogs, there’s no writing project we can’t handle.

We construct the perfect home to display your services and introduce you company to future clients. We turn our designers and coders loose to create an engaging and informative website that showcases your services, puts your business in its best light, is easy to navigate, and suits your clients’ needs.

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