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How to Amp Up Your Social Media Marketing in 2023

With a new year comes new lead possibilities. And social media is one of the best tools available for generating excitement around your brand by driving customer service, lead generation, and sales. Here are a few tips for improving your social media marketing skills for the new year to get the traffic, response, and results you want for 2023.

1. Define your goals and objectives

Start improving your social media marketing success by asking some questions. How many customers are you hoping to reach? Are you ready to open up to a new demographic? How do you want to be perceived through social media—flashy and on-trend or modest and simple? What kind of content do you want to include? Having these goals in place will help measure the success of your social media marketing lead efforts.

2. Develop a content strategy

The content you publish on social media should be carefully thought out and match your brand in style and tone. Create timely, relevant and educational posts, sprinkled with promotional content, multiple times over several weeks to get the most return.

3. Publish content consistently

The worst thing a social media manager can do is be inconsistent. Posting consistently not only strengthens the brand, it also builds customer loyalty. Followers will hopefully share and talk about your business, creating more word-of-mouth marketing opportunities. And when there’s a lull in new content, it’s a good idea to look back at what’s worked in the past and recycle the most relevant posts with a new spin.

4. Monitor conversations and create relationships

Many followers like to engage directly on social media channels, creating a great opportunity to build strong relationships with your audience. Some tips on responding and engaging with clients:

  • Respond to comments and direct message
  • Retweet and repost relevant content and successes
  • Use social media for customer service inquiries and respond to reviews and complaints in a timely manner

5. Use scheduling and automation tools

Between responding to customers, building relationships, and creating new content, you have your hands full. Save time using scheduling and automation tools such as SEMrush to plan, schedule and monitor your social performance on a daily/weekly basis.

6. Monitor trends

It’s essential to keep on top of trends in an ever-changing social media landscape. Each platform continues to optimize its presentation of content by changing algorithms and posting rules often. Staying on top of these changes enables you to get your content in front of the right users with the right tactics.

7. Use analytics

Each social media platform has its own native analytics. Who follows a page, what posts get engagement, and the ideal time to post are all metrics that can be tracked. Using analytics will help identify any changes in your primary audience, what they’re most interested in, and reveal information about which platforms you should use to engage customers.

Well-planned and effective social media marketing takes a lot of creativity, resources, knowledge, and time. That’s where we come in! Want to talk about your 2023 plan? Give us a call.

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