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5 Simple SEO Tactics to Grow Your Website Traffic

There’s no question that increasing website traffic through natural search is a daunting task. And what if you don’t know the search engine optimization tips and tricks that will get your site to the top? Not understanding the best SEO practices can leave your site in the dark, which means no one will know you even exist. No clicks, no visitors, no sales.

The reality is—SEO isn’t a walk in the park. It takes time and effort to climb to the top. But if you want to get a jump on optimizing your site, these five steps will get you off to a good start.

Step 1: Grab a great domain name

It may sound obvious but choose the best possible domain name for your site. When selecting this important piece of digital real estate, think about how accessible it is for clients to find you. Choose a domain name that’s easily searchable. This improves your keyword ranking and your credible branding potential.

Step 2: Research the right keywords

Before you start adding content to your new site, you need to do proper keyword research to find out which words your target audience is using when they’re searching for local listings within your area. 

Step 3: Post key content

High-quality content is key for your interactions with customers—and it’s how sites achieve top rankings. By content, we’re referring to anything you publish on your site that educates, attracts, and delights customers, such as blogs, educational videos, pictures, and infographics. The more clicks you get and the more time people spend on your site, the better it is for your SEO.

Step 4: Set up Google Analytics

You need to measure the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and see how your website is performing. How many visitors a month is your site attracting? Which landing pages are the most popular? How much time are visitors spending on your site? These are just a few of the things you can uncover by using an analytics tool to collect data.        

Step 5: Make your site as user-friendly as possible

Ensure that your website is performing up to par, as well as keeping your users happy. Having a site that’s easy to navigate is key for a successful user experience and, ultimately, lead generation. Listen to your clients and visitors. And don’t be afraid to make updates as needed following the launch to ensure that it’s still user-friendly and up-to-date with navigable content, keyword-rich text, useful information, and current photos.

These are the simple steps. If you want to go above and beyond, reach out to us. At Eleven, we can build the perfect home to display your services and introduce your company to future clients. We turn our designers and coders loose to create an engaging and informative website that showcases your services, puts your business in its best light, is easy to navigate, and suits your clients’ needs.

Ready to get started? Give us a call!

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